​ABIM Vehemently Condemns Coup d’etat Attempt in Turkey

​ABIM Vehemently Condemns Coup d’etat Attempt in Turkey

16 July 2016

The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) would like to express our deep concern and resentment at Friday night’s coup d’état attempt announced by a breakaway army faction in Ankara, Turkey. What follows was bombing of the Turkish parliament, purported seizure and blockage of strategic national infrastructures and clashes with the people on streets of Ankara and Istanbul. While Turkish government says it has full control of the capital Ankara, the situation on the ground is still left uncertain as main airports and flights seize operation.
ABIM is closely monitoring the situation in Turkey through our official correspondent and validated sources of information inside the country.  Joining hands with peace loving global community, we hope and pray that peace and stability will be restored immediately. We reiterate our strongest  condemnation towards military coup d’etat and the usage of violent force against any fairly and legitimately elected government of the people. 
We also take this opportunity to call for all Malaysian to pray for the safety of Malaysian Embassy, our diplomatic corps, students and Malaysian citizens across Turkey.  Pray for Turkey! 

Mohamad Raimi Ab.Rahim


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ABIM Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.
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